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January 22, 2013
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I don't know why but,

When I'm with you

Every hour feels like a second,

Every day feels like a minute,

Every month feels like an hour,

Every year feels like a day,

For some reason, I wish time would stop...


"_______! Are you okay?" Arthur rushes to you, with a concerned look on his face.

" Don't worry, it's just a tiny scratch." You reply, giving a weak smile.

" _______, He lifts your arm up, in the middle reveals a deep flesh wound, dripping with blood, this is serious _______ I'm really worried about you."

You blush, he was worried about you, and only you, no one else.

"I'm oka-" You stop mid-sentence, you feel a cold sweep of air run down you spine.

"I'm taking you to the hospital whether you like it or not love." He smiles, picking you up bridal-style.

Your face turns bright red.

" L-let me go of me you stupid brit!!!! I already told you I'm fine!!!!" You yell, struggling to loosen his grip.

"My, you sure are stubborn aren't you? He chuckles, that's cute."

You become a significant shade of dark red as you turn away, hoping he couldn't see your reaction.
Time passes as you both become speechless, the silence was eating you, you had to say something, you had to use your time with him as much as possible before-

"Do you know where the nearest hospital is?" he asks.


"Love?" Arthur gives you a slightly confused face.

"....You mean to say you didn't know where we were going this whole time?!" You rolled you eyes.

Looking down at your wrist-watch, the dark liquid crystals read "19:00". Great, you thought, it's seven in the afternoon, you we're lost without any food or water. To make matters even worse you arm was hurting like hell and neither Arthur or you could locate a hospital nearby. What were you going to do? You turned your head towards the sky, it was painted bright orange, red and pink. The sun just seemed to have started setting. You slowly close your eyes as you start to fall asleep as past events flow in your head...




"Are you seriously going to move?!" You wipe your tears with your shirt sleeve.

"Yes, my parents have already decided, I don't believe there is any way I could change it."

"I can't believe you! Your moving to London tomorrow and you didn't even tell me!"

You slammed the door open and ran outside. Tears stung your eyes and stained your face, you couldn't see where you we're going. Everything ahead of you was a blur, you couldn't see where you were going and what was around you, you kept running and running, panting and panting running nonstop until there was sudden change in pace, when you felt like you we're falling. You quickly realised you tripped....



"__________?" Arthur's voice called.

"Hmm..?" You rubbing your eyes you realize you were back in reality. It was dark outside now, night in fact, you couldn't believe that time had passed so quickly. You and Arthur we're sitting on a hill, infront was a beautiful night sky, the stars were really bright and had a huge variety of hues of blues, purples, greens and such. it was really breath taking, you hadn't seen a sky like this before. Maybe it's because in the city clouds would always cover up the stars. You thought. You wondered where Arthur was and then you blushed, realising you were sleeping on his lap the whole time.

"Um, yes?" You reply rather sheepishly, a bit embarrassed for spacing out.

"I'm sorry."

"Why?" You tilt your head, you didn't quite understand what he was apologizing.

"For earlier today."

"You mean about getting lost and everything? It's okay, I'm not mad at you."

"No, before that, for not telling you sooner that he paused, I'm moving."

Crap, he hit the nail right on the head, you didn't want anyone reminding you of it,

you didn't want to remember he was moving to London tomorrow,

you didn't want him to leave,

you didn't want him to leave you.

I couldn't stop him from going right? You think.

I mean even if I tried what would I say?
Would he even turn around and pay attention?

It hurts when someone leaves, father left mother and I when I was only three.

I had to leave my best friend when I moved to America.

Mother died shortly after, and I now live in an orphanage,
I can't bear to lose anyone else,

I can't bear to lose Arthur,

I can't bear to lose him...








...because why? Why was this brit so important to me? why? Sigh. You couldn't pause like this any longer you just had to wish him good luck, if you didn't even know why you made such a big deal in the first place.


"Arthur, I was stupid for trying to stop you, I'm sorry. It's because of me we're lost, it's because of me we were in the middle of nowhere, it's all my fault. Tears filled your eyes, you try to brush them away but they came to fast.

Why am I crying? You question yourself. What is Arthur to me? Why am I sad about him leaving?

I-I wish you the best of luck in London." Your voice trembling as you speak.

"Don't cry _________ at least we're spending time together, he wipes a tear from your eyes. I couldn't be more happier being with you." He gives you a sweet smile

You couldn't help but let out a shade of pink from you cheeks.

"R-really? you stammered, uh-uh umm, why is that?"

Artie burst out laughing, you suddenly felt a shock of annoyance and slight anger.

"H-hey! Why are you laughing at me?!" You demanded.

He covers his mouth with his hands, trying to stop the laughter from coming out.

"...I'm sorry love, it's just your so clueless, it's adorable."

You blush a even darker color of pink.

"Clueless?! Clueless about what?"

His eyes soften, and he leans in close enough to whisper into your ear.

"______________, I love you." He plants a kiss on your lips. Your face flustered deep red, you couldn't believe what was happening, but it felt warm, really warm, you grab onto him tighter, you want to tell him never to let you go.

The reason I didn't want him to go is because,

"Arthur, I love you too."


When I'm with you

Every hour feels like a second,

Every day feels like a minute,

Every month feels like an hour,

Every year feels like a day,

Time passes fast, but every single moment is precious when I'm with you.


EnglandxReader - Every moment I'm with youby OwOStrawberry

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2013-2014 OwOStrawberry
:iconorzplz: Gah, I'm sorry for the failure that is this reader. I have no experience with literature whatsoever, in fact the last time I read a book was 6 months ago. Anywho I'm glad this is done (it took me 2 days D: ) after this I hope I won't ever have to write a reader again unless it's for another contest. Oh yeah! That reminds me this is for :iconkushamisaru: 's starry night reader insert contest. I appreciate her literature a lot so I would have regretted not entering her contest. I repeat a lot of word in here don't I? yeah I'm a very inexperienced writer and reader, hope you enjoy I guess.

:iconenglandplz: (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) :iconsmexyenglandplz:
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